“I have been trying to get my 3 children to eat fresh fish regularly for years. I recently started cooking it with the IASC Shellfish Umami Pearls and my kids can’t get enough fish! We now eat fresh fish 3 night a week. I think the Sweet Onion and the Asian Infusion flavours are stunning. They taste incredible and the ingredients are a combination of natural, high mineral seafoods, dairy and seaweed. Well done guys, and thanks for this amazing product!”
Tom Bradley, Natural Proteins, Cork, Ireland

In this extended video clip, Steve Walpole cooks with iASC Irish Shellfish Butter at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair at London Olympia.

“A truly fantastic, versatile product with depths of natural flavour.”
David Palmer, Fish Counter Manager, Selfridges Food Hall, London, UK

“I am not a lover of fish or shellfish but this dish could convert me!! I will make this dish myself – simply deeeeelicious!”
“It was like eating a risotto in a posh restaurant. Fabulous!”
“This. Was. Amazing. I have never had a prawn risotto this good before and I am Spanish!”
“First time I’ve made a risotto and it was fabulous. The shellfish butter really added an extra depth to the flavour.”
“Delicious and my son and husband knocked this up together and had fun doing so :-)”
“Light, fresh, delicious and balance just right. LOVED it!”
“Not only was it lovely, it was my first ever attempt at cooking a risotto!”
“The shellfish butter was a lovely touch – really enjoyed this!”
Hello Fresh customers on their Tiger Prawn Risotto with Irish Shellfish Butter, UK

“The unique ingredient adds a new dimension to dishes with the magic of Umami and we currently use the butter in our signature native lobster, coquillettes pasta with clams and asparagus, emmenthal au gratin dish, which is one of the most popular choices on the menu amongst diners. The butter puts a really good flavour into the dish and creates an intensity which you cannot achieve in any other way. We have tried to make the dish without the butter, but it is just not the same; the dish did not have the same character. The butter has quite a powerful flavour, but at the same time it is not overpowering. My favourite thing about the butter is its versatility. It is also very clever as the flavours you get out of it are really unusual. The umami adds a depth of flavour in the butter which is unlike anything else in the market. There is a whole host of ways you can use the butter which adds to its appeal. The contract win is the beginning of a great partnership between Sofitel London St James and iASC Atlantic Seafood Company, and is one that I hope will continue to grow.”
Vincent Menager, Sofitel St James, London

Again, our favourite chef uses iASC Irish Shellfish Butter at The Skillery at Hotelympia.

“It’s a really versatile ingredient – I’ve chosen to serve it with bread or place on freshly grilled fish, but there is a whole host of ways you can use it in cooking. It just gives people another option and adds a new level of flavour. The simplicity of the butter also really appealed to me; you can just add it to your dish and away you go.”

Mitch Tonks, Seahorse/Rockfish, Devon

“Great product.”

Derry Clarke, L’Ecrivain, Dublin

“I really recommend this versatile and unusual butter to anyone who likes great flavour.”

Pascal Aussignac, Gascon Connection, London

“Hi. Just to say your product is amazing. Every time you guys in Ireland lift the level.”

Roy Brett, Ondine Restaurant, Edinburgh

“Where do I start? Best Product on the market. I will spread the word.”

Joe Queen, Executive Chef, Braehead Foods; Member, Masterchefs of GB

“This is a super product with a wonderful flavour.  It is very versatile.”

Eunice Power, Powersfield House, Co Waterford


Ted Grant, R & D Chef, The Culinary Institute of Canada

“I was blown away by the positive reaction of major seafood buyers to iASC Irish Shellfish Butter at ESE.”

Helen Connolly, Sales & Marketing Manager, Murphy’s Irish Seafood

“This product has a great future. The Plan is very exciting.”

Maria Broderick, former Seafood Buyer, Pallas Foods

“Amazing.  Delivers a beautiful ‘fresh-sea’ taste to seafood dishes. The future of Surf n’ Turf.”

Joe Kearney, The Grand Hotel, Co Cork