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+ iASC Seafood U Pearls DULSE 003 24June2015 + iASC Seafood U Pearls ONION 003 24June2015 + iASC Seafood U Pearls ASIAN 003 24June2015

seafood-umami-sauce-fs-02sep2016 seafood-umami-dressing-fs-02sep2016

iASC New Pack shots Retail 05Apr2016 - 08


  • Rope Grown Blue Mussel
  • Irish Oyster
  • iASC Umami Fry Crumb
  • iASC Umami Express Curry

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iASC Seafood produces Umami-centric, sustainable, innovative, natural and gluten-free ingredients that add both completeness of flavour and flavour enhancement properties to dishes, in particular seafood, surf n’ turf and fish dishes without the use of added salt, MSG or sugar.

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