iASC B2B/Food Service Range – Seafood Umami Pearls

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iASC Seafood Umami Pearls are an award-winning world first: a natural, lower-salt [less than 10% of the brand leader], nutritious and potent replacement for traditional paste or powdered seafood bouillons. Made from sustainable Atlantic shellfish and foraged seaweed, rich in complex flavours and easy-melt, the product excels in dishes such as seafood risotto, seafood pies, pomme purée, herb-crusted cod or hake and chowder.

This protein-enriched, culinary butter has been developed to bring the magic of Umami to your fish and seafood recipes. Cost-effective in application with zero waste, it accentuates seafood flavours like no other stock, fond or bouillon on the market. Its intense, moreish flavour notes have been described as everything from “the fresh taste of the sea,” to “the future of Surf n’ Turf.”

We take rope-grown Irish mussels and Irish oysters, dry, sift, sieve and blend them, add dried flakes of Dillisk/Dulse seaweed and seasoning to export-standard Irish butter. This results in a delicious combination to create what is the world’s first Umami butter.