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iASC Irish Shellfish Butter Coverage Montage, October and November 2014 iASC Irish Shellfish Butter Coverage montage SML September 2014 iASC Irish Shellfish Butter coverage highlights SML 16July2014

Irish Food, Issue 3 2018
iASC Seafood 4-in-a-row at Seafood Excellence, Offline






Irish Food, Issue 3 2016
iASC Seafood wins at World Food Innovation Awards, Offline

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Sunday Business Post, Ireland 6th March 2016

Ireland’s Seafood Sector is Driving the Blue Economy

Woman’s Way magazine, Ireland,  30th June 2015
“Award-winning Food,” OFFLINE

Inshore Ireland, June 2015

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Irish Examiner, May 2015

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“The Big Freeze,” OFFLINE

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“From Good Stock,” OFFLINE

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