iASC B2B/Food Service Range – Bulk Powders

We sell the following products in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg  and larger bulk formats:

  • Rope-grown Irish Blue Mussel powder iasc-mussel-powder-23sep2016
  • Irish Oyster powderiasc-oyster-powder-23sep2016
  • iASC Umami Fry Crumb – GLUTEN FREE bread crumbs, Mussel powder, Oyster powder, Dulse seaweed, garlic flakes, pepper, sea salt and turmeric.iasc-crumb-23sep2016
  • iASC Seafood Umami Express Curry Powder – MSG-free curry, Mussel powder and Dulse seaweed – ready to eat in 4 minutesiasc-curry-23spe2016


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