What Chefs are Doing with iASC Seafood Umami Pearls

Natural bouillon, fond or stock, lower in salt than market leaders
Shellfish, saffron and Mussel risotto
Potted Dingle Bay Crab topped with Irish Shellfish Butter
Escargot filled with Irish Shellfish Butter
Black Sole, grilled and finished with grated Irish Shellfish Butter
iASC Irish Shellfish Butter-flavoured potato purée, poached Smoked Coley, White onion Sauce
Bruschetta of Tomato and Anchovy with Irish Shellfish Butter
Seafood Chowder
Smoked Salmon roulade with Irish Shellfish Butter
Halibut, Seafood and Irish Shellfish Butter Mousse, Herb crust with Irish Shellfish Butter
Shellfish flavoured-Beurre Blanc
Florentine cream sauce, used as a garnish for Baked Oysters
On a tapas board as a type of Paté for added textures
Seafood Thai curry finish
Seafood velouté sauce
Surf n’ Turf
Crab Toes with Irish Shellfish Butter
Pasta with Mussels
Moules Mariniere
Paella with Seafood
Crab Rarebit
Seafood Quiche as part of the pastry shell
Seafood Pancakes as butter in the pancakes and the seafood sauce
Coquille St Jacques as part of the mash potato crust
Seafood minestrone soup with the Irish Shellfish Butter on a crouton
Seafood Pie, mash, sauces, and brushed across the top
Kiev type stuffing for the centre of hake
Herb crust for mackerel
Brushed over Smoked Salmon and grilled
Parmesan and iASC Irish Shellfish Butter sauce for grilled Bass
Hot Smoked Mackerel Salad with grilled tomato and potatoes
Scallion, Oatmeal with iASC Irish Shellfish Butter crusted Hake
Monkfish and Mussel Curry made with Irish Shellfish Butter
Irish Shellfish Butter Brown Bread
Crab and iASC Irish Shellfish Butter Eggs Benedict
Shellfish Butter flavoured Souffle
Micro-plane from frozen over any dish or platter: instant Umami
Put some in your pasta water: instant seafood-infused pasta!
Umami, aromatic glaze for lobster and whole crab dishes

Canapé of Smoked Peppered Mackerel with iASC Irish Shellfish Butter



Canapé of Smoked Peppered Mackerel with iASC Irish Shellfish Butter

for 30 pieces:


8 Fillets of smoked, peppered mackerel

25 grams cooked finely diced onion OR snipped chives

50 grams of horseradish cream

150 grams of mayonnaise

Sprinkle of fine black pepper

Olive oil

iASC Irish Shellfish Butter

Fresh Herbs or micro herbs to garnish

Brown soda bread


– Peel all mackerel fillets from skin

– Take aside half and chop coarsely to form a light mix, add the onions, horseradish and mayonnaise and place in fridge to rest

– Soften the iASC Shellfish Butter and spread on cut pieces of brown bread

– Remove the mackerel mix from the fridge, taste for seasoning

– Divide mix equally across the canapé bases

– Break remaining smoked mackerel into shards and divide equally amongst the canapés

– Garnish with a pinch of fresh herbs and sprinkle with a few droplets of olive oil before serving.

Poached Coley with iASC Irish Shellfish Butter velouté sauce purée potato and soft onions

iASC Smoked Coley photo 1 20June2013


Poached Coley with iASC Irish Shellfish Butter velouté sauce purée potato and soft onions

Per lunch portion:


100 grams Smoked Coley per person

150 ml court bouillon (depending on size of pan)

40 grams purée potato

20 grams of thinly sliced onion

20 ml thin white velouté sauce

IASC Irish Shellfish Butter

Snipped scallions for garnish (optional)

Cream to finish (optional)

Seasoning to taste


– Poach the smoked coley and thinly sliced onions in the court bouillon until almost cooked, leave aside to rest

– Remove the excess cooking liquor to leave approx. 30 mls per portion

– Heat the pureed potato in a high-edged pot, add at least 7 grams of iASC Irish Shellfish Butter to the potato for a well-rounded flavour; a little cream here is nice but not necessary

– At the same time, heat the liquor in a pan, add in the velouté, bring to the simmer and whisk in 15 grams of iASC Irish Shellfish Butter until it thickens and emulsifies into the sauce.

To plate up:

Reheat the coley and onions in the finished velouté sauce > check for seasoning > quenelle the hot potato puree to a serving plate > lift out the coley > place fish on to the top of the potato > spoon out onions, place over fish > drizzle sauce with Cheffy flair around and over plate!