Tasting Notes

SOURCING: iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is sourced and manufactured in Ireland, is 100% natural and sustainable. The seaweed is foraged and the mussels and crab are organic.  The butter is “free-range”, and grass-fed.

TASTING: When you taste iASC Irish Shellfish Butter, best served above 12 degrees celsius, you first get a the creamy taste of Irish butter, followed closely by the delicious glutamates of the mussels, the sweetness of the brown crab and then the fresh-sea taste of the seaweed. These flavours then combine to an almost paté-style finish, coating the mouth and lingering.

Both the glutamates and the Dillisk deliver the Umami, so when iASC is added to, for example, a farmed fillet of salmon, it enhances the  flavour, delivering a ‘fresh sea flavour’ to bland dishes and raising already tasty dishes into the premier league.

SOME USES: iASC Irish Shellfish Butter is a butter, and a natural flavour-enhancer, and should be used as a butter.  It can be used in mashed potato, ideal to accompany a fish dish or steak, on toast, monté au beurre, in risottos, sauces, seafood tagliatelle, chowders, Mornay, velouté, Surf n’ Turf, on kippers: you get the picture!  It can be simply layered on top of a fillet of fish and baked, to produce a tasty, moist fish dish, complete in a jus of iASC Irish Shellfish Butter and natural fish juices. Try it en papillote.  Try scallops tossed in the pan in iASC irish Shellfish Butter.  Delicious.

The only thing we don’t use it in is cakes, but it is also great to bake breads or quiche cases!

However, by far the best use is as a bouillon, stock or fond: lower salt, sustainable, natural, zero-waste and Umami!

Try it and email us your results and pictures at customercare@iascseafood.com and we’ll publish them.